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csv4j 0.4.0 released   2008-06-01 19:03
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csv4j 0.2.0 released   2007-11-18 16:06
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The csv4j Project provides CSV (comma-separated value) libraries and tools for Java under an Apache 2.0 license. The project's goal is to provide useful libraries and tools for both developers and testers who need to utilize CSV files for their work. This project began (as most do) when a lack of available open source (non-LGPL) tools for CSV was found.

csv4j provides an easy to use API for reading and writing Comma Separated Values (CSV) files as specified in RFC 4180. The API distinguishes itself by providing a higher level processing API on top of the low-level parsing layer. In addition, command-line tools supporting transformations and CSV file comparisons are planned.

In addition to the API for Java, APIs for C++ and .NET are under development.